¡Es momento del cambio! Las empresas que migran a SAP S/4HANA, obtienen ventajas cruciales sobre sus competidores


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Some facts about SAP S/4HANA

  • 1. Build on SAP HANA

  • 2. ERP,CRM,SRM,SCM,PLM can be reintegrated in one system

  • 3. No locking,parallelism

  • 4. Actual data (25%) and historical (75%)

  • 5. Unlimited workload capacity

  • 6. Predict,recommend simulate

  • 7. SAP HANA cloud Platform extensions

  • 8. SAP HANA multi-tenancy

  • 9. All data:social text,geo. graph processing

  • 10. New SAP Fiori UX for any device(mobile,desktop,tablet)

Three deployment options:on-premise, public, managed cloud

¿Por qué hacer el cambio?

  • Las empresas se conectan digitalmente completando transacciones en segundos

  • La nube,análisis de datos,inteligencia social móvil,Internet de las cosas (IOT) realidad aumentada/realidad virtual (AR/VR)

  • La colocación de pedidos para su cumplimiento ahora es un sistema integrado

  • Digitalizar los flujos de trabajo y gestiones los resultados y las expectativas con información en tiempo real y brindar un mejor rendimiento empresarial

  • Las empresas que no adopten este nuevo paradigma digital y con la tecnología adecuada dejaran de existir los proximos años

SAP S/4HANA...will run your business different than before

On any device with role based cockpits,cross area search & digital assistanto

Embedded analytics for simulation,prediction & insight to action

Use intelligence for automated processing & decision support

key Line of Business S/4HANA


SAP S/4HANA SCOPE OVERVIEW (Based on 1909 OP Delivery)

The most complete,Intelligent and flexible ERP

  • Procurement of direct materials & services
  • Supplier Management
  • Central Procurement
  • Order and contract Management
  • Sales force support
  • Sales performance Management
Supply Chain
  • Inventory
  • (Advanced) Warehousing
  • (Advanced) Shipping and transportation
  • (Advanced) Order Promising
  • Basic & Ext. Production Planning
  • Production Operations
  • Quality Management
  • Complex Manufacturing
  • Accountant & financial close
  • Financial operations
  • Cost mgmt. & profitablity analysis
  • Adv. accountants & financial close
End to End Integrated Business Process
  • Accounting & financial close
  • Financial operations
  • Cost mgmt. & profitability analysis
  • Adv. accounting & financial close
  • Advanced financial operations
  • Treasury management
  • Enterprise risk and compliance
  • Comodity management
  • Subscription billing & revenue Mgmt
  • Service master data agreement management
  • Service operations and processes
  • Service parts management
Asset Management
  • Maintenance management: Preventive, Corrective & Emergency
  • Asset operations and maintenance
  • Evironment, health, and safety
Cross Functions
  • Master Data, Data Migration, Data Protection
  • Integration Capabilities
  • Legal Content Management
  • 25 Industries fully supported

Overview for Realignment in the Universal Journal

  • No separation of FI and CO anymore: every Controlling document Including Profitability Characteristics is also an Accounting document
  • Changes in the Journal Entries have to always follow the guidelines of standard accounting principles
  • • Therefore, realignment in Universal Journalcan only be processed for non GL relevant information(e.g. Profit Center,Functional Area,Account,Values etc.will never be changed by realignment functionality)
  • • Changeable CO PA characteristics are pre defined and selection cannot be changed by users

Sales Management Overview

Sales Manager

High Level Scope and Features

  • • Display the current workload and the most important tasks for a sales manager to make fast and informed business decisions.
  • • Sales information is provided in the form of high level insights to get quick information from different apps and then deep dive into the required information
  • • Incoming sales orders
  • • Profit margin
  • • Incomplete sales documents
  • • Backorder items
  • • Blocked sales orders
  • • Overdue sales orders
  • • Customer returns
Immediate, domain specific insights on the tasks that need your attention
Ability to take quick actions to solve issues
Easy forward navigation to related applications

Procurement Overview Page

Purchaser / Strategic Buyer

High Level Scope and Features

  • • The procurement overview provides a set of actionable cards that can easily be rearranged as required. There is no longer the need to start different transactions and reports separately: both operational and analytical cards are visible on one single page.
  • • The user immediately sees the most relevant tasks and can navigate to KPI drilldowns, work lists, or specific object pages to get more detailed information

Benefits and Business Value

Provide the most relevant and important information at one glance
Monitor business issues in real time and react immediately without delay
Configure individual layout and use the global filters to adapt cards to your individual responsibility
Navigate to related apps to resolve issues
Filter the entire page content for specific suppliers, material groups, and the like

Display Journal Entries in Account View

General Ledger Accountant

High Level Scope and Features

  • • An a nalytical app available for roles that are authorized to see the General Ledger postings.
  • • Provides an overview of journal entries where line items are displayed as debit/credit postings on different accounts that are shown as Ts
  • • Ts are displayed in logical group reflecting the ledger account type (Balance Sheet , Income Statement )
  • • In majority of use cases is used as a drilldown app from other applications like Manage Journal Entries, Display Process Flow
  • • The app provides highlighting of the line items coming from the same journal . Also Journal Entries can be assigned a color that permanently marks their line items .
  • • The app allows end users to reposition Ts as needed using Drag and Drop functionality
Displaying accounts as Ts is a form to which the accountants are accustomed to and helps them easily spot the errors
Balances provided on various levels help accountants to identify the source of discrepancy faster
Configurable volume of information that can be displayed along with an line items reduces the need to drill down into item details

SAP S/4HANA 1909 Fully-Activated Appliance

Included Sample Demo Processes

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