SAP HANA Real-Time Business: a competitive advantage

Uncertainty and change in the global marketplace is driving bold new ideas. The future holds many transformational opportunities for breakthrough innovation while unlocking significant business value. However, competing in this new hyperconnected and digitized world requires a new business platform that meets the demand for speed and innovation while reducing complexity

The SAP HANA® platform transforms existing systems while enabling innovation to meet future business needs nondisruptively. It converges database and application platform functionalities in-memory to enable the next generation of transactions and analytics processing through in-memory stored procedures, text analysis, and predictive and spatial processing.

Our Goal

The goal of SAP HANA is to simplify your business and technology landscape while allowing you to execute faster and consequently react in a smart and informed manner. The platform offers increased efficiency via automated business processes that provide the single source of truth through easy integration of all data, while maintaining consumer-gra usability accessible on any device.

SAP HANA Real-time operational analytics

With the power of in-memory computing, SAP HANA provides visibility into in-the-moment business situations. Whether that situation is a self-service customer researching a product or a service representative trying to make decisions while helping a customer or partner, SAP HANA can provide on-the-fly analysis on any combination of data. Whether the data comes from your SAP® ERP application, third-party solution, or custom application, the platform equips people across your enter-prise to make decisions. With transactional analytical data stored together, you can realize immediate benefits by using offerings such as SAP HANA Live for SAP Business Suite. The same core architecture can also be used for mission-critical non-SAP applications.

For example:
• In the automotive industry, Pirelli can now provide unparalleled service for customers by recording and analyzing tire information in real time, increasing life span by up to 20% on over 40 billion records of machine-generated data.
• Russian oil and gas giant Surgutneftegas is reducing stock-outs across 20,000 wells by analyzing inventory with report generation in as little as 6 seconds, down from averageof 40 minutes.
•For animal nutrition leader Provimi, profitability analysis reporting is 15,000 times faster, for more profitable, real-time material purchasing decisions.